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12 Days of Physical Activity

December 1, 2014 by HealthyFamiliesBC

12 Days of Physical Activity

The holidays are full of fun, but can also be busy and stressful. There are gifts to purchase, dinners to host, and did we mention ugly-holiday-sweater parties to attend?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the holidays can be challenging. But the abundance of food and drinks that come with this time of year don’t have to detour you from your regular physical activity routine. Before the holidays start, think about what you’re doing now and how you can maintain it. Plan in advance; schedule physical activity into your calendar for the days ahead to help you stick to the routine.

To help you stay active this holiday season, we’ve take inspiration from “The 12 Days of Christmas” to compile this guide to 12 days of physical activity:

Day 1: Play a game. Sweat away holiday stress with a pick-up basketball game, or go bowling! Physical activity gives your body an activity break and is a great way to have fun celebrating with friends, family, and co-workers.

Day 2: Dance to your favourite holiday songs. Turn up the music and dance your way into a festive mood!

Day 3: Try a physical activity app. Get yourself a present from the app store – look into an app that tracks physical activity on a daily basis, like a pedometer.

Day 4: Turn shopping into a game. Shopping can be exhausting. Turn it into something fun by tracking how many steps you take while looking for gifts.

Day 5: Give the gift of activity. Consider sporting equipment or a set of exercise classes that you and your family can do together to give as presents this year.

Day 6: Take a walk. How about an after dinner stroll around the neighborhood to take in all the Christmas light decorations? Remember; wear reflective clothing when walking at night.

Day 7: Turn chores into a workout. Cleaning the house before company arrives? Or have to shovel snow? Either way, think of all that scrubbing and shoveling as strength training!

Day 8: Visit a playground. Try resistance training at your local community park. Aside from playing with your kids, there are lots of ways to use the equipment for your own workout. If the weather outside is frightful, do something fun at home – how about a DIY obstacle course?

Day 9: Take a dip at the local pool. Take the family for a fun afternoon swimming or work up a sweat with a few laps.

Day 10: Unleash your inner child. Last time I checked there were no age limits for snowman or snow fort building, ice skating (indoors or out), sledding or friendly snowball fights.

Day 11: Embrace your Canadianism. Be inspired by our nation’s favourite sport. Gather the hockey sticks, grab a tennis ball, and head to the alley (or outdoor rink) for a good ol’ game of hockey!

Day 12: Sleep peacefully. Regular physical activity improves sleep. And with all the activities you’ve been doing the last 11 days, you’ll be sleeping so peacefully you may miss Santa coming down the chimney!

I hope these tips help you stay active over the holidays, and remember to schedule downtime for yourself. What activities you are looking forward to the most over the holidays? Leaving us a comment!

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