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January 2016

What Age Should Kids Focus on a Single Sport?

January 14, 2016 by HealthyFamiliesBC | Posted in: Physical Activity | Tags:

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What age should kids specialize in sport?

I previously wrote about why kids shouldn’t specialize in only one sport at a young age. While children start competing in some artistic and acrobatic sports (like figure skating, diving, and gymnastics) from a young age, playing other sports or games should still be encouraged. Trying out a bunch of different activities early on is the best approach – it helps children learn many movements and helps prevent burnout or injuries. + MORE

Get the Facts on Food Colouring

January 12, 2016 by HealthyFamilies BC | Posted in: Food & Nutrition | Tags:

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Food Colouring

In the healthy eating world we encourage people to eat a rainbow of colours. The ‘rainbow of colour’ in this case being fruits and veggies. By including a wide variety of colours in meals and snacks you’ll benefit from many different antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote good health.  But there’s another side of the rainbow, the colours that are added to our foods in an effort to make them more appealing (to both adults and children).


Is Resistance Training Safe for Kids?

January 8, 2016 by HealthyFamiliesBC | Posted in: Physical Activity | Tags:

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Resistance Training and Weight Lifting Safety for Kids

Growing up, I did a lot of outdoor chores to help my family. Whether it was mowing the lawn, shovelling snow, or stacking firewood, my parents gave me lots of opportunity to build strength (even if they didn’t know it). These tasks may not be seen as traditional resistance training exercises, but they definitely build strength and perhaps even some character.

Resistance training is any type of activity that strengthens your muscles. Lifting heavy boxes, lifting weights at the gym, or doing body weight exercises are all examples of resistance training. + MORE

Fresh, Frozen or Canned can all be Healthy Choices

January 5, 2016 by HealthyFamilies BC | Posted in: Food & Nutrition, Vegetables and Fruit | Tags:

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Fresh Frozen or Canned Fruit and Vegetable can be Healthy

There’s a terrible rumour going around that canned and frozen are inferior to fresh fruits and veggies in both taste and nutrition. So I’m writing this blog to set the story straight, once and for all, fresh, frozen or canned can all be healthy choices and here’s why:

We live in, arguably, the best country in the world; Canada, home to majestic landscapes, multiculturalism and the friendliest people, eh? But Canada is also known for…winter. December to March brings the coldest temperatures making it difficult to grow fresh fruits and veggies, even for the mildest parts of BC. + MORE



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