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  1. Rental and Affordable Housing for BC Seniors | Healthy Families BC

    Housing for BC Seniors | Healthy Families BCSkip...Housing for BC Seniors Rental and Affordable...Housing for BC Seniors October 2, 2015...older adults and seniors who rent eligible BC seniors who pay more...moderate incomes. Affordable Seniors' Rental Housing Seniors’ Rental Housing is

  2. Retirement Benefits | Healthy Families BC

    payments. Discounts for seniors in BC include: Senior Driver Discounts and...there are no seniors’ discounts. BC Ferries Fares BC senior passengers may travel

  3. Seniors and Financial Planning | Healthy Families BC

    Seniors and Financial Planning...At HomeArticles & Resources Seniors and Financial Planning Seniors and Financial Planning...benefits to help seniors and people with...The latest BC Seniors’ Guide has information

  4. The 2014 BC Seniors Games are on!

    age Recommended resources Seniors BC - Active Aging Seniors BC: BC Seniors’ Guide Games website...Langley 2014 BC Seniors Games Topic: Activity

  5. Physical Activity From Grandchildren to Grandparents

    1 is National Seniors Day! A great time...of Canada: National Seniors Day ParticipACTION: Strength secrets for seniors Topic: Activity & Lifestyles

  6. 9 Tips to Prevent Falls for Seniors

    the spirit of Seniors’ Fall Prevention Awareness...risk for falling? Seniors BC: What you...fall Related blogs Seniors' Fall Prevention It’s Seniors' Fall Prevention Awareness

  7. Alcohol and Aging: For More Information | Healthy Families BC

    it has on seniors’ health, as well...resources for BC seniors Here to Help provides...information for seniors, individuals and families

  8. Vitamin D and Seniors' Fall Prevention

    Adult Recommended Resources: Seniors' Fall Prevention Awareness Week Physical Activity...

  9. Property Tax Assistance for Seniors | Healthy Families BC

    Tax Assistance for Seniors | Healthy Families BCSkip...Tax Assistance for Seniors Property Tax Assistance for Seniors October 2, 2015...programs that assist seniors with their tax...Owner Grant for Seniors Reduce the amount...Owner Grant for Seniors. This grant application...Owner Grant for Seniors can reduce property...Owner Grant for Seniors. Property Tax Deferral

  10. Avoiding Frauds and Scams | Healthy Families BC

    to post commentsPrint Sadly, many seniors are the targets of fraud and scams. You...

Showing results 1 - 10 for seniors


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